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Eureka September 2014

On 26.09.14  Year Three had a fantastic trip to Eureka in Halifax. If you’ve never been to Eureka and have young children then you should go! It’s like no other museum because everything is for children and everything is hands-on.

We measured ourselves and learnt all about our bodies. We took on the roles of patient, doctor and dentist. Many of us loved the antenatal area where we scanned a mum’s tum and saw the baby’s image!

There was a post office, supermarket,  garage and sound studio. The bank was very popular as we could take money out of a cashpoint with a very realistic card and crack the code clues to open a safe.

We had lunch in a train carriage and in the afternoon participated in a workshop where we learned what happens to your food “From the chew to the poo!”

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, there was so much to do and see!