Think about plants

Year 3 are learning all about plants in the next half-term.
Year 3, have a go at adding to this blog.
Can you write 1-5 sentences answering one of these questions?

What’s the point of plants?

What helps living things grow?

Don’t forget all you know about what makes a good sentence.

13 thoughts on “Think about plants

  1. They are neccesary for all life. Animals and humans feed on plants. Also they give us oxygen to breathe.
    Plants need water, warmth, food and sunlight. Most plants produce flowers to help them
    attract insects.

  2. Well done Daniel and Joshua for starting us off in our first ever blog homework. Fabulous sentences. Shakira, your sentence was also fab and I’m not sure why it’s disappeared! Would you mind typing it again?
    Miss Draper

  3. I think that besides providing humans with oxygen, plants provide food, building materials, medicines and fuel.

  4. I think that plants produce food made for human s and animals to eat . However not all plants are edable therefore be careful which plants you eat ! Plants need food,water,sun and oxygen to grow healthily , just like us humans.

  5. I chose to answer question 1. what is the point of plants ?
    They live to help other people. plants give homes to insects . They give food to things like butterfly ‘s and bees . They also produce oxygen for humans like us. The last thing plants do which I thought of off the top of my head was that plants also produce food for humans and other animals

  6. The point of plants is you need plants to survive and things are made out of plants, there might be stuff in houses that are made out of plants and wood. People use them for food they help you relax and plants can make your home look beautiful.

  7. plants need food,sun andwater at morning they give oxygent and at night they give carbon dioxide thats why yo dont have them wene your dieing

  8. There are lots of different kinds of plants. And they do lots of interesting things.Some are for humans and help us to keep healthy.Around two thousand plants are used by us for food.But there are over two hundred thousand types of plant and the list is still growing.

  9. Plants are homes to insects. Plants are food to some insects and produce oxygen to us humans.They need some water to drink. They also need the sun.

  10. Plants need water and sun to help them grow. They produce oxygen which helps humans . There are lots of different types of plants, in different colours and sizes.

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