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Clock turned back

We came over all Victorian today. You must agree that we looked fantastic, if a little serious, for the taking of our portrait. 

We had a memorable day with Victorian names, frequent hand inspections and our tables arranged in rows.  


Our visit to Golborne Colliery and Library

IMAG0649 IMAG0651 IMAG0654 IMAG0661 IMAG0664 IMAG0668 IMAG0680 IMAG0681 IMAG0685

We had a lovely morning on Monday, walking to the former site of Golborne’s mine. We discussed the reasons for the landscape’s features and the history of the mine. Following this, we made our way to the library to set up a class card, which allows us to borrow books as a class for an extended period. The children were commended for their excellent behaviour and enthusiasm for reading.