Monthly Archives: February 2016

Week beginning 29th February

Happy leap year day! Don’t forget ladies this is your opportunity today to propose to that Mr Right, otherwise you’ll be back to waiting for him to do it and you could be waiting a long time! Anyway… if you could practise reading with expression with your children this week, it will really help us deliver lines effectively when filming the next instalments of our Cindy, Ann and Bones production. Thank you 🙂

Week beginning 22nd February

This week we will be looking at fractions in Maths and play scripts in English. Don’t forget parents evening on Tuesday. I’ve given everyone a time even if you didn’t request one, as sometimes requests for parents evening slots don’t get delivered to us. If you didn’t want a time then don’t worry, just don’t turn up. Also don’t forget the slip and deposit for the active hope trip. Many thanks, Mr. Sparks and Mr. Bradley. 

Happy half term holiday

Don’t forget to read as much as possible and visit to complete lots of tutorials (the highest user wins a prize). I’ve also sent out details of our one and only trip. So if you can read through the information and fill out the consent forms with either ten pounds brought in initially followed by the rest of the £43 pounds no more than two weeks later, then that would be great. Have a great week off. 🙂