Monthly Archives: March 2016

Week beginning 21st March

It’s Holy Week. Yesterday was Palm Sunday and this Friday is Good Friday when we remember the Lord Jesus dying on the cross, paying for our sins. As a result, we are doing some English work using RE as a focus this week. Ask your child to recount the events leading up to the cross and see if they can retell them from Peter’s point of view. 

Shaping Up In Maths

Year Three have been making shapes this week in Maths. The fun never stops in Mr Bradley’s class as the paper is cut, folded and glued into 3D shapes. Concentration is the key to a good shape!

Is that a cube I see before me?

A sticky situation.

Paper, paper everywhere.

Boys concentrating on making the perfect shape.

And there it is! Well done, Bradley.

Water in Mr Bradley’s Classroom

Today, Mr Bradley’s classroom was ankle deep in water! No, we didn’t have a burst water pipe. It was year 3 finding the volume of lots of different containers.

First, the girls measured the volume of a margarine tub.

Other girls in the classroom weighed up some tricky problems.

Then the boys had a go (notice the larger number of paper towels).

All the children enjoyed a very wet lesson.